Pathos Ethos

Our Background

Founded on the ideals of excellence, creativity, passion, superior implementation, and technological savvy, we are a team of web and mobile professionals who seek to offer the most potent solutions for our clients' needs.

We bring to the table a collective 75 years in the web/mobile industry in various areas of expertise from branding, marketing, web/print/interactive design, project management, consulting, software development, game design and even studio recording.

We are connoisseurs of technology. Masters of ideation and implementation. And we believe in using all our gifts to make a positive impact for social change through all our business relationships.

Our Philosophy

Inspired by Aristotle's rhetoric, we believe these two elements, Pathos and Ethos, bring together two essential modes of communicating with your audience.

Our deepest desires are to see your organization flourish in its ability to create value through software without any need for help. Whether through partnering with you to discover what to build, executing your dreams for you, or helping you build your own development team, our perfect partnership scenario is one where we have empowered you to the point where we are no longer needed.

In the end, we are passionate about serving our clients and partnering with them to bring their message to their audience in new, yet, still relevant ways.

The Team

Michael Lee

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